Mage for Hire

Archimegadon, formerly the handyman Ardon Forseld, only knows how to cast flamebolts and even then not very well. Nevertheless, armed with arrogance and rage in equal measure, he intends to seize his place as a hero in bardic tales and gather a sizeable hoard of gold.

So when the opportunity to make a simple delivery in return for riches comes his way, he's only too eager to get started.

However, when he gets the notice of a local organisation of thieves and mercenaries, it's not long before his easy money threatens to bring a painful and somewhat premature end to his legend.

Accompanied by an incompetent paladin, an insolent farmhand and a knight who despises him, facing demons, necromancers and deranged heroes, Archimegadon faces his greatest challenge of all -

Earning his keep.

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City of Marr

Archimegadon, Mage for Hire, thought he'd be claiming a fortune on his return to the city of Ferrina. However, a chance encounter with guards Yuriath and Tharanor draws him into a battle against Sordath Alkaras and his dangerous band of cultists, the Clerics.

A mysterious being called Marr has taught the Clerics the ancient art of summoning demons, and it's up to Archimegadon and his new allies to stop them before they can bring a monstrous army to Ferrina.

However, there is one thing Marr seeks above all else, and unless Archimegadon can keep it from him, more than simply Ferrina could be lost...

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Heroes Gone Rogue

Archimegadon thought he might have earned some fame for defeating a sinister would-be deity and the evil cult that served it, but instead he's a criminal on the run.

When a cultist assassinated the King, the Paladin Order was called in to restore order and bring the kingdom back in line. However, the heavy-handed tactics of Supreme Commander Salestis de'Cirana are now threatening to set the kingdom's various factions against each other.

Allied with the dubious mercenaries of the Fallen Blade, Archimegadon seeks to escape the tyrannical rule of the holy knights, but after his friends are taken prisoner and the talented mage Ithalna hires him to provide safe escort to the capital, it seems his flight may lead him straight into the hands of those pursuing him.

Meanwhile, the outcast knight Valia Relassis seeks her own solution to the paladin problem, whatever the cost...

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Endless Skies

Valanthas is in chaos. While the tyrannical Paladin Order seeks to consolidate its control of the kingdom, several factions have banded together to defy their rule.

The ambitious Lord Diojin has amassed an army of mercenaries and bandits, and, emboldened by the support of Valia and her demons, has been leading the fight back against the Order. However, impatient with the ongoing conflict and seeking to seize even greater power, the two allies have put a plan in motion that will bring a swift end to the conflict, but one that threatens catastrophic consequences.

Ardon Forseld, living a quiet life as a craftsman on the island of Kalastar, believes he has put his adventuring days behind him. But while Ardon might have tried to forget, his friend Obdo has not, and he means to bring the old group back together for one last adventure.

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