Once merely a handyman by the name of Ardon Forseld, Archimegadon used his savings to purchase a speedy course to become a mage. Now armed with the Staff of Antagules, he travels the kingdom of Valanthas in search of fame and fortune. When he's offered a simple job to deliver an amulet for a lot of money, he vastly underestimates how much trouble it's going to cause him.


A farmhand in the Valley of Horan, Obdo had few aspirations for his life beyond sneaking naps out of sight and having far too much ale in the evenings. When a demon threatens the peace at the farm, his life begins to take a drastically different turn...


A young paladin who, similar to Archimegadon, purchased himself a fast-track course to learn the ways of the Light. Eager to expand his knowledge, he bought the base lesson for every single spell, making him somewhat bad at everything.


A knight of the Order of Endless Skies who fought her way to knighthood, Valia has little time for those who lack training or discipline. Frustrated by a lack of progress in her life after that point, things begin to change when Archimegadon and his band arrive in town.

Felick Broadblade

Leader of the mercenary band "Broadblade's Breakers". Seeking notoriety away from the city, Felick has aligned his group with a growing army of thieves, bandits, and cutthroats. Unfortunately, Archimegadon has something in his possession that Felick wants...

Picture credit: Jason Fuller